Hua Lab News

(updated June 25, 2021) 

May 21, 2021 Hua lab graduation celebration

May 2021: Congratulations to the Hua lab seniors who will be Graduating with DistinctionAngelica AguilarKayla ArceMarissa CerrosBreanna Lee, Alissa Padilla, and Shayla Shahar! We are so proud of all of you! 

Congratulations to Angelica Aguilar for being accepted to SFSU/UCSF's Cell Design Institute MS program for 2021, and Shu ming (Annie) Huang for receiving the Genentech/MESA Summer Fellows research internship to get hands on training in the lab this summer. So exciting!

April 2021: Dr. Hua has received a CSUPERB COVID-19 Research Recovery Microgrant to re-engage student training to study the fidelity of chromosome organization.

Congratulations to Shayla Shahar for being accepted to SDSU's Cell and Molecular Biology MS program for 2021, and McKennah Goshgarian for being accepted to USUHS Medical School for 2021! Fantastic news!

February 2021: Congratulations to Breanna Lee for being accepted to UOP's Pharmacy school for 2021!

January 2021: Dr. Hua gives a research seminar at Havard Medical School Department of Genetics hosted by Dr. Ting Wu. Thank you Wu lab for your hospitality!

Dr. Hua and Christian Casas both attend the 2021 CSUPERB Annual Biotechnology Symposium, and presents a research poster.



December 2020: Dr. Hua presents at a live webcast for "Exemplars in Biology" hosted by CSU STEM-NET (Office of the Chancellor).

October 2020: CNPS Milo Baker funds Hua lab member Alissa Padilla a student research scholarship to create a molecular protocol to study chromosome organization of Umbellularia californica. Congratulations to great ongoing work Alissa!

Dr. Hua has received a Koret Scholars Award to study the chromosome organization of Umbellularia californica with Phytophthora ramorum resistance. The lab is looking forward to collecting specimens outdoors!

September 2020: Dr. Hua's research is highlighted in SSU News!

July 2020: Dr. Hua's NSF Research grant proposal, titled "Chromosome organization in cellular development" has been approved for funding! The National Science Foundation is an independent agency of the United States government, that supports fundamental research and education in all the non-medical fields of science and engineering.

June 2020: Congratulations to incoming MS students Christian Casas for receiving a State University Grant (SUG), and the Forest W and Ida J Benson scholarship at SSU, and Jemery Morales for receiving a Phalarope Fund Gaining Ground Graduate School Scholarship! What a great start to graduate school!

May 2020: We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Hua's CSUPERB New Investigator (NI) Grant proposal, titled “Non-random chromosome positioning during mitosis" has been approved for funding!  CSUPERB is a CSU wide funding agency for: CSU Program for Education & Research in Biotechnology. Congratulations, Dr. Hua!

April 2020: Congratulations to Angelica Aguilar for being accepted to MDI's Biological Laboratory summer REU program for 2020!

February 2020: Big Congratulations to the following Hua Lab students on their recent Koret Awards! So exciting! 

  • MaryGracy Antony (Biology): “Nuclear Polarity and Alignment During Cell Division
  • Breanna Lee (Biology):  “Mechanisms of Parental Genome Organization
  • Kayla Noelani Arce (Biology): “Chromosome Organization in Osteosarcomas
  • Alexa Arce Garcia (Chemistry): “Chromosome Organization in Adolescent
Lisa Hua with Sean McNeil of Milo Baker NPS
Dr. Lisa Hua accepts the
award on McKennah's behalf
from SSU Biology alumni
Sean McNeil, Deputy Director
of Environmental Services
of Santa Rosa.

February 2020CNPS Milo Baker funds Hua lab member McKennah Goshgarian a student research scholarship to study chromosome organization of Umbellularia californica with Phytophthora ramorum resistance. Congrats McKennah!

January 2020: Lab Member Angelica Aguilar is the recipient of the prestigious McNair's Scholar Fellowship! Congratulations, Angelica!



November 2019: Congratulations to Lab Members Angelica Aguilar and Shayla Shahar who recently received the Koret Award, part of the SSU 2019-2020 Student Research Awards!  Angelica's project is “The Fidelity of Chromosome Organization in Aging” and Shayla's project is "Chromosome Organization in Renal Carcinoma".  Way to go, Angelica and Shayla!