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Graduate Program in Biology

The Department of Biology has 11 permanent faculty actively involved in various disciplines, including ecology and evolutionary biology, molecular and cell biology, physiology, functional morphology, and organismal biology. Three additional faculty from other departments on campus have expertise in biology and are adjunct members of the graduate program.

The Master of Science in Biology is a thesis research program. Students complete coursework that allows them to master the concepts and techniques of their chosen discipline. They also conduct original research under the direction of a faculty member, and write up their findings as a master's thesis. Typically, students take two to three years to complete their graduate degree requirements.

Students who graduate with an MS in Biology from Sonoma State University will:

  • demonstrate a strong knowledge base in their sub-discipline of biology
  • display critical thinking
  • demonstrate a mastery of research approaches
  • have effective written and oral communication skills

Graduates of this program find themselves with an enhanced understanding of biology and first-hand experience in the practice of science. Many of our students go on to doctoral programs, others use their degree to pursue careers in teaching, research, environmental consulting, resource management, industry, and various health professions.

Student and Professor working in the lab
Photo Credit: Mackenzie Zippay