April 2023: The Biology Department is proud to announce Bio Grad student Rebecca Kopel (Geist Lab) won the SSU Grand Slam 2023! Rebecca's topic is titled "Bringing Back the Bugs--Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates to Assess Freshwater Environments" and she will represent SSU in the CSU Wide Grand Slam on May 5th. Congratulations Rebecca! For more details, visit our Student Highlights page.
Student holding critter and student holding seaweed March 2023: Congrats to Biology Grad Students Rebecca Kopel (Geist Lab) and Vini Souza (Hughes Lab) who have been selected to present their research at the CSU Student Research Competition next month at San Diego State University! Visit the Student Achievement page for more information - Good Luck Vini and Rebecca!
Schedule of when courses are available November 2022: Spring 2023 BIOL 220 & 240 Rollout: UPDATED! Now open to ALL students who meet the pre-reqs, including repeaters! For more information, go to our Rollout page
Black and White portrait of student August 2022: Congratulations to Hua Lab member Vanessa Sanchez who has been selected as a McNairs Scholar! Read more here: Student Achievement page
August 2022: Congratulations to the following Biology Grad Students for receiving Graduate Equity Awards: Tailyn Brown, Alex Flores, and Maria Velazquez - Way to go!
Student Portrait May 2022: The Biology Dept. is proud to announce undergrads Marcos Peech (pictured) and Vanessa Sanchez were both selected as MESA/Genentech scholars to conduct summer research in the Hua Lab! Congratulations! More info here: Student Achievement Page
Student's portrait on website home page May 2022: Congratulations to Biology Graduate Student, Alyssa Cooper who won the Audience Choice award at the CSU Grand Slam Competition last week! Excellent Job, Alyssa! More Information: Student Achievement Page
Isahar standing next to his poster May 2022: Congratulations to Biology major Isahar "Isa" Guerrero Diaz, for winning Best Poster at the Science Symposium event during the SSU Week of Research and Creativity! Isa's poster title is "Sudden Oak Death: California Bay Laurel Symptom Trials by Fire and Earth”.  Way to go, Isa! More Information: Student Achievement page
Portrait photo of student Christian Q May 2022: Biology student, Christian Quintero, has won the CSUPERB President's Scholar Award for his project, "Chromosome organization of Bloom’s Syndrome cells"! This is the first time an SSU Biology student has won this prestigious award - Congratulations, Christian! More Information: Student Achievement Page
April 2022: Congratulations to Bio Grad student Zane Cooper, taking 1st place in the SSU Grand Slam Competition for his presentation "Examining the effects of tree structure on wildfire using voxelized terrestrial remote sensing data and computational fluid dynamics fire modeling"! Zane will go onto the CSU Grand Slam Competition on May 6th. Way to go, Zane!  More Information: Student Achievement Page

Welcome to the Department of Biology!

The Department of Biology offers a dynamic learning environment, exciting research and training opportunities and intensive mentoring of students at all levels. Our faculty are not only dedicated educators but also active scholars who engage in primary research to address diverse topics in the biological sciences.

The overall mission of our undergraduate and graduate programs is to educate the next generation of scholars, professionals and citizens so that they are prepared to meet the biological, environmental and technological challenges of the future.

Areas of educational and research activities include ecology, conservation and evolutionary biology, genetics, molecular and cell biology, and physiology.

Please feel free to contact any of the department faculty or staff if you have questions about our programs.

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