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Spring 2024 Biology Department Colloquium Series

Most Mondays
12:00 pm - 12:50 pm
Darwin Hall 103

Upcoming Speakers

Past Spring '24 Speakers...

Date Speaker Speaker Affiliation Lecture Title
Dr. Lorraine Ling Stanford University Aiptasia: A Model for Cnidarian-algal Symbiosis, Sheds Light on Coral Bleaching
Dr. Chris Lowe Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University Molecular Evidence of Anteroposterior Patterning in Adult Echinoderms or, Are Sea Stars All Head With No Body?
Dr. Andrew DeVogelaere Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary: The Research program in General and Specifics Related to Deep-Sea Science
Dr. Barbara Panning University of California, San Francisco Counting X Chromosomes
Dr. Arina Favilla University of California, Santa Cruz Movement Ecophysiology of Northern Elephant Seals: From Fine-Scale Thermoregulation to Population-Level Foraging Behavior
Cesar Chavez Day Cesar Chavez Day
Dr. Takashi Mikawa Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California San Francisco The Fidelity or Mechanism of Chromosome Encapsulation into a Single Nucleus
Enjoy! Spring Break!
Dr. Lisa Hua Department of Biology, Sonoma State University Student-driven research in the Hua Lab: Understanding Chromosome Organization and its Implications in Human Disease
Jeff Alvarez and Jeff Wilcox The Wildlife Project and Sonoma Mountain Preservation Foundation Conservation & Ecology of the Red-legged Frog
Dr. Hiroshi Ebata The Buck Institute Understanding Aging: The Importance of Taking out the Trash
Dr. Kenny Wilson The Buck Institute The Influence of Diet on Age-Related Neurodegeneration, from Flies to Humans
Arthur Dawson Baseline Consulting Vegetation Change in Fire-Prone Landscapes of Sonoma, Napa and Lake Counties. Baseline Consulting & Pepperwood Preserve
Dr. Monica Sheffer University of California, Berkeley Montane Grasshopper Fitness Constraints in Changing Environments
Dr. Joshua G. Smith Monterey Bay Aquarium Coastal Ecosystem Transition Dynamics: Insights from Ecological Change
Dr. Joseph Lin, Professor & Colloquium Coordinator Department of Biology, Sonoma State University Introduction to Spring 2024 Biology Colloquium