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Peer-Reviewed Journals

Cai PP, Casas CJ, Hua LL, Mikawa T. (Submitted) Ipsilateral restriction of chromosome movement along a centrosome, and apical-basal axis during the cell cycle.

Hua LL, Mikawa T (2018). Mitotic anti-pairing of homologous and sex chromosomes via spatial restriction of two haploid sets. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 115(52):E12235-E12244. (PMID: 30530674; PMC6310853)

Hu J, Verzi MP, Robinson AS, Tang PL, Hua LL, Xu S, Kwok P, Black BL. (2015) Endothelin signaling activates Mef2c expression in the neural crest through a MEF2C-dependent positive-feedback transcriptional pathway. Development. 142(16): 2775-80. (PMID26160899; PMC4550968)

Hua LL, Vedantham V, Barnes RM, Hu J, Robinson AS, Bressan M, Srivastava D, Black BL. (2014) Specification of the mouse cardiac conduction system in the absence of Endothelin signaling. Dev. Biol. 393(2):245-54. (PMID25050930; PMC4143461)

Maska EL, Cserjesi P, Hua LL, Garstka ME, Brody HM, Morikawa Y. (2010) A Tlx2-Cre mouse line uncovers essential roles for hand1 in extraembryonic and lateral mesoderm. Genesis. 48(8):479-84. (PMID20506548; PMC2955361) 

Zehir A, Hua LL, Maska EL, Morikawa Y, Cserjesi P. (2010) Dicer is required for survival of  differentiating neural crest cells. Dev. Biol. 340(2):459-67. (PMID20144605; PMC2878775) 

Lim RF, Wegelin J, Hua LL, Kramer EJ, Servis ME. (2008) Evaluating a lecture on cultural competence in the medical school preclinical curriculum. Acad Psychiatry. 32(4):327-31. (PMID18695035)


Book Chapters

Hua LL, Casas CJ, and Mikawa T (2022). Mitotic anti-pairing of homologous chromosomes. Nuclear, Chromosomal, and Genomic Architecture in Biology and Medicine. Results Probl Cell Differ. 70:191-220. (doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-06573-6_6. PMID: 36348108.)

Hua LL, Mikawa T. (2018). Chromosome painting of mouse chromosomes. Mouse Embryogenesis: Methods and Protocols. Methods Mol Biol 1752:133-143. (PMID29564769; PMC6140340)

Other articles

Hua LL, Mikawa T. Following Chromosome Movement in 3D (2019). Oxford instruments: Imaris.


Hua Lab Members in Darwin Lobby
Photo Credit: Alyssa Stadie