Biology Colloquium Fall 2022

Department of Biology
Mondays 12:00 - 12:50 pm
Darwin 107 (note: Biology Colloquium is back to in-person presentations, unless noted - please check regularly).

Date/Host Speaker/Title of Presentation
Aug 29
Dr. Shannon Lee, Sonoma State University Biology Department. "Introduction to Biology Colloquium"
Dr. Dan Crocker, Chair, Sonoma State University Biology Department. "Advising for Biology Majors"
Sep 5 Labor Day, Campus Closed
Sep 12
Dr. William Gough, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, Manoa. "Energetic Tradeoffs at Extreme Body Size"
Sep 19
Dr. Sarah Kupferberg, UC Berkeley Consulting Ecologist - Powers Lab. "Foothill Yellow Legged Frog Conservation Biology"
Sep 26
Dr. Alyssa R. Frederick, UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab. "Enhancing Aquaculture Resiliency and Outcomes Through the Lens of Ecophysiology"
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Oct 3
Dr. Neil Hunter, UC Davis - Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics. "Cohesin and Chromosome Segregation in Oocytes: a Goldilocks Scenario"
Oct 10
Dr. Jackie Lebenzon , UC Berkeley - Department of Integrative Biology. "A Balance of Power: Shifts in Mitochondrial Homeostasis Lead to Metabolic Suppression in a Diapausing Beetle"
Oct 17
Christina Toms, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board. "Nature-Based Strategies to Support Resilient and Biodiverse Estuarine Wetlands in California"
Oct 24
Dr. Shona Mookerjee, Tuoro University, California. College of Osteopathic Medicine. "Using Bioenergetic Analysis to Understand Cellular ATP Supply and Demand During Cell Growth, Cancer, and More"
Oct 31
Rosa Schneider, Senior Environmental Scientist, California State Parks – Bay Area District. Title: TBD
Nov 7
Jonathan Kuntz, Ph.D. Candidate, UC Merced. "Elucidating Leopard Shark Life History with Stable Isotope Analysis"
Nov 14
Angela Korabik, UC Davis. "Environmental Gradients and Seaweed in Tomales Bay"
Nov 21
Bio Dept
Dr. Nathan Rank, Sonoma State University Biology Department.  "Insect Endosymbionts Mediate Adaptation to Changing Environments in a Montane Leaf Beetle"  
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Nov 28
Kevin Munroe, The Nature Conservancy, “Insects of the Night”  Zoom Link:
Dec 5
Raquel Elander, California Department of Fish and Wildlife. "Snake Fungal Disease: Distribution and Monitoring Techniques"