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Jacquelyn Guilford


Jackie Guilford
Jacquelyn Guilford


(707) 664-3835


Darwin 236

Ph.D. Penn State College of Medicine

Postdoctoral Experience:
High throughput screens of natural products as chemopreventive agents; University of Hawaii at Hilo College of Pharmacy

Research Interests:
My water research class, GEP359, connects SSU students with collaborators at Sonoma Water. We have been collecting data in the Laguna de Santa Rosa over the past few years related to the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that is being deposited as sediment collects where the channel passes under Stony Point Road in Rohnert Park. We are characterizing this area in advance of a large sediment digging project that will take place in 2019. In future semesters, we will be monitoring changes in water depth, channel topography, canopy cover, nitrogen and phosphorus loading, and plant diversity as the habitat changes. We are especially interested in the effect of the sediment removal on the presence of the invasive plant Ludwigia.

Elementary Science Specialist:
When I am not teaching at the college level, I develop curriculum for and teach science lessons at the kindergarten through sixth grade level at Bennet Valley schools in Santa Rosa. I am involved in teacher professional development around the Next Generation Science Standards, run an after school science program, and am the coach of the Strawberry Elementary Science Team.

Course Offerings
BIOL 115 - Introduction to Biology
BIOL 218 - Biology of Aging
GEP 359 - Water Research Training
UNIV 102 - Science and Technology Academic and Career Exploration




Selected Publications & Presentations

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