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Spring 2024 Class Schedule

The Biology Spring 2024 Schedule is here!   
Updated: January 24th, 2024   
Please note: This is a tentative schedule - check back often for time/room/instructor updates.   

1101-28B20Biological InquiryMWF 10-10:50 ASTEV 1400100St. John
1102B24LabM11-1:50 PDAR 00320Arshad
1106B24LabT11-1:50 PDAR 00320Hascall
1108B24LabW11-1:50 PDAR 00320Stein
11012B24LabM2:30-5:20 PDAR 00320Singh
11014B24LabT6-8:50 PDAR 00320Herrmann
1151B23Introduction to BiologyTTh4-5:15 PSTEV 130080Guilford
1152B23Introduction to BiologyTTH9:30-10:45 ASTEV 130160Whitkus
1311-21B20Biol Diversity and EcologyTTH9:30-10:45 ASTEV 1400140Hughes/ Lee
1312B24LabT2:30-5:20 PDAR 00420Schmieg
1314B24LabW8-10:50 ADAR 00420Strock
1316B24LabW11-1:50 PDAR 00420Carvalho
1318B24LabW2:30-5:20 PDAR 00420Bell
13110B24LabW6-8:50 PDAR 00420Martin
13112B24LabTh2:30-5:20 PDAR 00420Fox
13116B24Lab (SMC)F1-3:50 PDAR 00420Cox
131S1 1Discussion (SMC)TH3:00-3:50 PDAR 23020Bentley
2181E3Biology of AgingTTH1-2:15 PWINE100170Guilford
2201-7B30Human AnatomyTTh9:30-10:45 ADAR 10396Geohegan Poe
2202B34LabTTh11-12:25 PDAR 22724Geohegan Poe
2204B34LabTTh1-2:25 PDAR 22724Geohegan Poe
2206B34LabTTh2:30-3:55 PDAR 22724Geohegan Poe
2208B34LabTTh4:00-5:25 PDAR 22724Geohegan Poe
2241-5B30Human PhysiologyMW1-2:15 PSTEV 130172Geist
2242B34LabM2:30-5:20 PDAR 23024Geist
2244B34LabW9:30-12:20 PDAR 23024Kopel
2246B34LabW2:30-5:20 PDAR 23024Kopel
2401-7 0Medical MicrobiologyMW9:30-10:45 ADAR 10372DeRango
2402 4LabM11:00-1:50 PDAR 20818DeRango
2404 4LabM2:30-5:20 PDAR 20818DeRango
2406 4LabW11:00-1:50 PDAR 20818DeRango
2408 4LabW2:30-5:20 PDAR 20818DeRango
3151 3Plants and SocietyMW11:00 - 12:15 PSALZ 201424Bentley
3211-13 0Molec Biol, Cell Bio & PhysMW4-5:15 PSTEV 1400100Lin/Crocker
3212 4DiscussionT11-11:50 ADAR 23120Romero
3214 4DiscussionT10-10:50 ADAR 23120Olson
3216 4DiscussionTh11-11:50 ADAR 23120Spade
32110 4DiscussionM6-6:50 pDAR 23120Romero
32112 4DiscussionW6-6:50 pDAR 23120Olson
32114 4DiscussionW9-9:50 ADAR 23120Spade
3231-3 0EntomologyTTH8:00-9:15SALZ 201440Rank
3232 4LabT9:30-12:20 PDAR 00420Rank
3234 4LabTh9:30-12:20 PDAR 00420Rank
3251 1Molec Cell Biol Lab TechF1:00-3:50 PDAR 20520Ingraham
3252 1Molec Cell Biol Lab TechF9:30-12:20 PDAR 20520Ingraham
3271 0Vertebrate BiologyF9:00-11:40 PDAR 00320St. John
3272 4LabF2-4:50 PDAR 00320St. John
3281 0Vertebrate MorphologyMW8-9:15 ASALZ 103120Geist
3282 4LabM9:30-12:20DAR 22720Geist
3351 0Marine EcologyMW1-2:15 PDAR 23120Hughes
3352 4LabM2:30-5:20 PDAR 23120Hughes
3361 3Biology of ParasitesTTH1:00-2:15 PDAR 10240Lee
3371 3Behavioral EcologyMW9:30-10:45 ASTEV 130140Crocker
3421-3 0Molecular GeneticsMW1-2:15 PSALZ 201332Place
3422 4LabM2:30-5:20 PDAR 20416Parker
3424 4LabW2:30-5:20 PDAR 20416Parker
3491-3 0Animal PhysiologyTTh8:00-9:15SALZ 202140Zippay
3492 4LabT9:30-12:20 PDAR 23020Zippay
3494 4LabT1:00 - 3:50 PDAR 23020Zippay
3511 0Climate Change BiologyTTH9:30-10:45 AWINE 100320Bentley
3514 4LabTH11:00-1:50 PDAR 23020Bentley
3831 0VirologyTTh11:00-12:15 PSALZ 103116Lin
3832 4LabTH2:30-5:20DAR 20416Lin
3901 1Biology ColloquiumM12:00-12:50 PDAR 10360Lin
4721 0Developmental BiologyTTh1-2:15 PSALZ 201220Hua
4722 4LabT2:30-5:20 PDAR 20520Hua
4971 3MycologyMW11:00-12:15 PDAR 23120Kozanitas
500S1 2Biodiversity of SexW3-4:50 PSTEV 110520Girman
500S2 2Professional and Scientific SkillsT9 - 10:50 ASALZ 103120Crocker
5011 2Instructional Skills in BiologyTh1:00-1:50 PDAR 23115Zippay
5901 1Biology ColloquiumM12:00-12:50 PDAR 10310Lin