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BIOL 220-224-240 FAQ's

Updated May 23, 2023

Welcome to the BIOL 220-224-240 FAQ page! We hope this helps answer some basic questions about these important courses.

Fall 2023 Registration


BIOL 220 and 224 are open to all who meet the prerequisites, including repeaters! 
If you receive an error code while trying to add, ***CHECK WITH YOUR ADVISOR***


1. Who can take these courses? 
Generally, these service courses are for Pre-Nursing and Kinesiology majors who meet the prerequisites. These students have priority during registration, as these courses are necessary for their degree programs. Once those students have filled as many seats as possible, the Biology Department will open any remaining seats to all students who meet the prerequisites (including Biology majors).

2. What are the prerequisites? 

  • BIOL 220 Human Anatomy - BIOL 110 or BIOL 115 or BIOL 130 & 131.
  • BIOL 224 Human Physiology - BIOL 110 or BIOL 115 or BIOL 130 & 131, and CHEM 115A/CHEM 115B or CHEM 125A/CHEM 125B or CHEM 110 or CHEM 105.
  • BIOL 240 Medical Microbiology - BIOL 110 or BIOL 115 or BIOL 130 & 131, and CHEM 115A/CHEM 115B or CHEM 105.

3. I am getting an error message when I try to enroll, saying that I haven't met the prerequisites - but I have met them. What can I do to get into the class? 
Sometimes when prerequisites are taken at another college, it takes a while for your transcripts to be verified and uploaded to your MySSU account. Talk to your Undergraduate or Faculty advisor and have them contact the Biology office - - to verify your prerequisite courses. You should also talk to your advisor about updating your Academic Requirements Report (ARR Update Form - see the Registrar's Office website).

4. I am trying to enroll for next semester, but I cannot since I am currently in a prerequisite class this semester. How do I make sure I will get a seat? 
Students who have met the prerequisites will have priority over those who are still completing them. However, once your grade is posted, and if seats are still available, you can work with your advisor to request permission to enroll.

5. What if I need to repeat BIOL 220 (or 224, 240)? 
Almost every semester, these classes are not open to repeaters for the first several weeks of registration. This allows first-timers a chance to enroll.  At some point, the remaining seats will be open to repeaters.

  • If you received a C or better, you must complete a Course Repeat Exception form, which will require a signature from the Biology Department Chair. For more information about this form, please discuss it with your Undergraduate Advisor or your Faculty Advisor.
  • If you received a C- (minus) or lower, you can enroll once the no-repeat restriction has been lifted.
  • Please take a look at SSU's Repeat Policy

6. How will I know when Majors-only or No-Repeat restrictions have been lifted?              
A. When you log into MySSU and go to Class Search, click on the live Section link:

Image of Class Detail in Peoplesoft

B. The next screen will show any restrictions and other information:

Image of Class Detail on Restrictions

Keep checking here or just keep trying to add the class - eventually you be able to enroll.

7. When is BIOL 240 Medical Microbiology offered? 
BIOL 240 is offered in the Spring semester only.

8. Who do I contact if I need help with advising and getting into these classes?


Additional Questions? Email