Biology Colloquium Spring 2022

Department of Biology
Mondays 12:00 - 12:50 pm 
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Date/Host Speaker/Title of Presentation
Jan 24
Introduction to Biology Colloquium, Dr. Shannon Lee, SSU Department of Biology. Speaker: Dr. Daniel Crocker, Chair, SSU Department of Biology. "Advising for Biology Majors"
Jan 31
Dr. Akito Kawahara, Florida Museum of Natural History, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, University of Florida. "Sonar Jamming, Acoustic Deflection, and Visual Lures”
Feb 7
Dr. Jake Cecala, University of California, Davis. "Commercial Plant Nurseries as Habitat for Wild Bees"
Feb 14
Six Researchers & Artists from Field Stations & Marine Labs Across the Country. "Live from the Field: Conservation Through Art & Science" 
Feb 21
Kasthuri Venkateswaran, NASA. "Microbes in Space: A 'Micro' Journey from Deep Sea to Deep Space"
Feb 28
Dr. John M. Mola, US Geological Survey. "The Response of Bumble Bees and their Floral Food Sources to Wildfire in California"
Mar 7
Jason Grunberger, University of Utah. "Silica Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug Delivery"
Mar 14
Melissa Miner, University of California, Santa Cruz. "Location, Recent History, and Natural History, are Key to Determining Impacts of 2021 Heatwave on Rocky Intertidal Communities in the Pacific Northwest"
Mar 21 Spring Break
Mar 28
Dr. Jason Hodin, Friday Harbor Labs, University of Washington. “Captive Rearing of an Endangered Seastar: Fortuitous Findings and Future Prospects”
Apr 4
Dr. Kevin Roberts, Stockholm University. "The Physiological Impacts of Changing Snow Cover on a Montane Leaf Beetle"
Apr 11
Meghan Walla-Murphy, Santa Rosa Junior College & UC California Naturalist Program. "Being with Bears" 
April 18 Dr. Lisa Hua, Sonoma State University, Department of Biology. "Current Research in the Hua Lab: Understanding Chromosome Organization and its Implications in Human Disease"
Apr 25
Dr. Gene DeRango, UC Santa Cruz. "Do Pinnipeds have Personalities? Investigating Mechanisms Behind Individual Behavior in Seals and Sea Lions"
May 2
Brian Lavin, "Giant Salamanders and Little Alligators: Insights into West Coast Biogeography"
May 9
Caroline Williams, University of California, Berkeley. “Mechanisms Underlying Flight Polymorphisms in Gryllus Crickets”