Professor crouching down near bottom of a tree, looking up and smiling January 2022: The Biology Dept is proud to announce that Dr. Lisa Bentley has received a $1.1 Million grant from NSF to study the effects of wildfires on forest health and to develop educational outreach activities! This specific NSF grant is awarded to a faculty member early in their career, and marks the first time an SSU faculty member has won this prestigious award. CONGRATULATIONS DR. BENTLEY!
New SSU - Biology Logo January 2022: Latest COVID update: Most Sonoma State University classes will pivot to an online format through February 11, 2022. Read the latest on SSU's COVID-19 information website.
New SSU - Biology Logo November 2021: The Spring 2022 Rollout for BIOL 220-224-240 is out! Interested students should contact their advisors if there are prerequisite issues. Registration begins November 15th! Questions? Contact the Biology Dept.
New SSU - Biology Logo November 2021: The Biology Dept. is happy to announce the following Koret Grant Student Research Award recipients: Christian Casas: "Interchromosomal DNA connections regulate haploid set segregation in human cells", Jazmin Gill: "Analysis of Heat Shock Protein 90 During the Maternal-To-Zygotic Transition in Strongylocentrotus purpuratus", Madison Ingraham"Characterizing Proteostasis and Regulatory Mechanisms controlling Molecular Chaperones Expression in Highly Stenothermal Notothenioid Fish", Jemery Morales: "Spatial Organization of Chromosomes in Human Adult Cells and in Patients with Bloom’s Syndrome Disease", Kiona Parker: "Ramifications of Future Projected Intensified Upwelling on the Digestive Processes of Copper Rockfish" ​Gabriel Quintero Plancarte: "Maternal and paternal genome compartmentalization" Congratulations to All!!
New SSU - Biology Logo November 2021: Spring 2022 Registration begins November 15th! Now is a great time to check-in with your faculty advisor (mandatory for FTFY students) to make sure you are on the right path! Questions? Email biology@sonoma.edu.
Annie H October 2021: The Hua Lab is very proud to announce Biology major Annie Huang has been chosen to represent SSU in the Council for Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) Undergraduate Research,Scholarly, and Creative Activity (URSCA) Conference! Annie will present her undergraduate research in a 10 min presentation 11/13/21: “Actin localization in human mitotic cells” Congratulations, Annie!
New SSU - Biology Logo August 2021: The Biology Office has virtual appointments to help with registration, scheduling, and general information about our programs! Schedule an appointment on our calendar, or email biology@sonoma.edu. For more information, check our Contact Us page.
Maddy standing near the ocean May 2021: More accolades for our awesome Grad Students! Congratulations to All Biology Students who received recognition this year, to our graduating students, and to the students still moving through the program - your perseverance in these trying times is extraordinary, and we see you! 
New SSU - Biology Logo May 2021: Congratulations to the follow Biology seniors who will be Graduating with Distinction: Angelica Aguilar, Maria Amador, Kayla Arce, Lauren BoccaJustin Brasil, Marissa Cerros, Jackson EberweinNatasha Higuera, Breanna Lee, Christina LeportAlissa Padilla, Gabriel Quintero-PlancarteShayla Shahar, and Jamie Zogaric! Way to go, everyone!!
New SSU - Biology Logo May 2021: We are very proud to announce the follow Biology Graduate students will be Graduating with Distinction: Joe Jackson, Allie Northey, Elliott Smeds and Kerry Wininger! Congratulations!!

Welcome to the Department of Biology!

The Department of Biology offers a dynamic learning environment, exciting research and training opportunities and intensive mentoring of students at all levels. Our faculty are not only dedicated educators but also active scholars who engage in primary research to address diverse topics in the biological sciences.

The overall mission of our undergraduate and graduate programs is to educate the next generation of scholars, professionals and citizens so that they are prepared to meet the biological, environmental and technological challenges of the future.

Areas of educational and research activities include ecology, conservation and evolutionary biology, genetics, molecular and cell biology, and physiology.

Please feel free to contact any of the department faculty or staff if you have questions about our programs.

Students out in the field, checking grasses


All of the photos and videos on this site were taken by the following faculty, staff, students and friends: Gaby Arango, Lisa Bentley, Brennan Chin, Michael Cohen, Christina Collins, Megan Gaitan, Rosemary Galten, Kandis Gilmore, Julia Graham, Shannon Healy, Lisa Hua, Fran Keller, Shannon Lee, Joseph Lin, Aurora Martinez Ricart, Dena Peacock, Alessandra Phelan-Roberts, Nathan Rank, and Mackenzie Zippay. Contact the Biology Dept. webbuilder if you need more information. 05-24-21